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    franksavarese Level 1

      I am a subscriber to Creative Cloud and use Photoshop CC.  and Lightroom.


      I have a home printer and also go to 3rd parties, i.e. STAPLES, etc., to have prints made. I crop to 8 x 10 ratio, then attempt to print 8 x 10. My printer shows I can print that image 8 x 11+, not 8 x 10. I crop to 8 x 10 ratio, then save to a CD or USB drive and bring somewhere else and ask to print it

      16 x 20... they either have to crop or they can print the image 16" wide but it goes out to 23+ long.


      Am I using the cropping tool incorrectly? Or is there a master setting that must be changed?


      I'm just starting with Lightroom and it has no cropping tools. Can it help?


      Another Lightroom/Photoshop question:  I prefer to make major changes in photos with Photoshop, then go to Lightroom to do additional touch-ups, or the things that seem better handled there, like conversions to B&W, subtle selective changes in exposure, etc. In Lightroom, you have the option under the EDIT menu of Edit in Photoshop. Shouldn't there be a similar command in Photoshop, such as Edit in Lightroom?


      Thanks!   Anyone who wants to send suggestions directly can e-mail:  franksav47@hotmail.com