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    DW CC - client has problem with editing in Contribute CS4

    C. Leliveld Level 1



      I've made a website with DW CC, fluid grid.

      My client already had contribute CS4 (from a website I've made before).

      Know she want to edit the new website  http://www.buurtplatformwolder.nl/ .

      She still can open the website, but when she wants to edit, the style of the text is visible in about 60px or more.

      Do you know about this problem?

      Does she need tot upgrade?


      Then she changed the homepage http://www.buurtplatformwolder.nl/ but when she put it online, the changes aren't online.

      The first page I called http://www.buurtplatformwolder.nl/index.html

      Buth when you search in Contribute at www.buurtplatformwolder.nl it doesn't show /index.html ??

      Did I doe something wrong here. I always made a website like that?


      The other problem is that I've made the contribute key with Contribute CS5 (from my master collection) Windows.

      Now I have a Mac and I'm also a CC member. But there is no Contribute App in CC.

      So I've installed windows on my MAc just for using my Contribute CS5.

      I can open the webiste of my client, I can edit without style problems, but I can't edit the administration of that website.

      It says that my contribute version is to old to administer this website.

      I now that a few weeks before installing windows I installed on my mac a trial version of Contribute cs6.5

      Could that be the problem that I can't edit this website?


      Thanks for your help!


      Carla Leliveld