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    3d glasses effect issue



      Long time lurker here.


      I have just realised color difference between left and right on combined image when I use 3d glasses effect (side by side view).

      I'm using split r&l renders from cinema 4d. images looks identical until I use 3d glasses effect.

      when I set up side by side;  the right side always goes a bit darker.


      is it normal ?


      btw. you can check how it looks like



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Doing a quick Difference blending mode test on your image suggests there are no differences (none beyond the stereo differences at least)? Perhaps this is something in your pre-comps or you are having a hardware acceleration issue that does something wierd to semi-transparencies for instance when not viewing at 100%... Yopu need to provide screenshots and more info...



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I'm with Mylenium here. I cut your screenshot, such as it is in half, looked at it, checked the levels in Photoshop and the images are essentially identical. I suspect a display issue. There's so little of the project available we both may be wrong though. It would really help to see more of the image in question.

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              RayJay2k Level 1

              Thank you for your responses, appreciated


              I overlapped left and right frames in photoshop, selected 4 pixel area with selection tool (from yellow) then inverted selection and delete everything except 4 pixels.

              When I separated left and right; I confirmed the difference with the help of the info panel;


              its like r208 g176 b13 vs. r208 g174 b14


              in fact, no issue with over under so I consider it's not about the stereo effect differency.


              In case of display problem I'm going to do this routine with rendered version.


              I'm in little rush right now (thanks to exams) can't deal with it til friday.


              Gonna let you know about how it went.



              Thanks again.