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    Painting Black Hair in PSD CS 6

    Lyric Jaye Level 1

      To teach myself how to fine art paint in PSD, I am painting a realistic, oil paint style portrait of Snow White.  I need to be able to paint black hair and I've spent 30 + hours going through tutorials, researching and experimenting.  It all turns out horrid... It is madness!  Where is the Spackle paintbrush that people suggest?  How do I create a hair specific paintbrush in PSD since I don't know what I need... and how on EARTH do folks get hair to look pretty?~



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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Best resources for brushes etc are


          Deviant Art and Adobe Exchange.  Exchange now works very nicely via an Extension, so can be accessed directly from Photoshop.  Neither location returns hits for Spackle though.


          Click on the hyperlink above for DA hair brushes. Adobe Exchange didn't have any.  As for drawing hair, I'd say an important thing to focus on would be highlights.  You can darw in strands with a very fine brush, but you have to be able to do it with pencil and paper before you can do it with Photoshop.  And you certainly need a tablet.  It takes hours of practice to get a steady hand with brush strokes going where you want them.