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    ASP import

    zjillian Level 1

      I was hoping someone could tell me if a Help Site built with ASP can be imported into RoboHelp? If so, is there existing documentation someone could point me to?

      Thanks for the assist!

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Sorry, replied to wrong post.

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            Kathy313 Level 1
            "ASP" as in, active server pages, the .asp file extension? Those are just html files. Did you try importing a file for grins? If that flakes out, open in FrontPage or Dreamweaver then save as .htm and try the import again. I'm not on my work pc where RH is, otherwise I'd try it out too!
            On second thought, if the help system is large, I doubt you'd want to fuss with each and every file. Or recreate TOC, index, etc.
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              zjillian Level 1
              Thank you Kathy for your response. It seems the consensus is that this will be more trouble than it's worth, and I'm just coming up on RoboHelp - I don't need to be breaking new ground!

              Have a nice weekend.