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    Following Adobe Tech's access to my Computer - can't open my personal email


      If my memory serves me correctly, .parse.php is associated with Adobe's software program enabling a Tech to access my computer, in this case, in order to see the difficulty I was experiencing with PRE 12.


      Humour me by reading the rest to see why I think the aforementioned understanding explains why I am experiencing a problem accessing my email & how it is connected with Adobe's .parse.php software.


      Since an Adobe Tech accessed my laptop,


      I can still access my online webmail home page at https://webmail.magma.ca


      But when I select "Login" following entering my user I.D. & Password, I notice my webmail address changes from https://webmail.magma.ca to  https://webmail.magma.ca/atmail.php and an error message appears on my webmail's home page and will not proceed to my inbox.



      The windows message appears: "Do you want to open or save parse.php from webmail.magma.ca?"


      Option #1 - Select Open


      Windows (Windows 7 Home Premium) posts the following message, "Windows can't open this file: parse.php" .


      Option #2 - Select Save


      Another Windows message appears: "the parse (2).php download has completed"  with 3 selections: "Open" or "Open Folder" or "View Downloads"


      If I select, "open folder", I find a .php file stored in my downloads folder



      If my memory serves me correctly, .parse.php is associated with Adobe's program for a Tech to access my computer.



      Please Advise