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    Extracted C4D Camera data from Cineware does not align.

    Stephen Barrante Level 1

      My fault for not trying a simple scene in C4D and making sure this would work.


      But alas, I spent the better part of the day animating a Camera (using the CSTools DocuCam setup) in Cinema. It's excatly how I want it. The camera rig is parented to a null which is simply changing its position around the scene. I'm also keyframing a target null that the DocuCam is following. The DocuCam has several xpressions that cause it to "wiggle" and quickly zoom in and out to give a handheld feel.


      First attempt, I brought in the C4d (r14) file into AECC and hit Extract Camera data. Solo'd out just the DocuCam (the currently selected camera in the C4D source file), and added a Solid to the Comp. Scrubbed through the timeline to see if it moved away from the Camera as expected, and it is totally misaligned. The camera doesn't rotate or perform any of the same movement as it did in C4d.


      I also tried baking all the keyframes for each of the elements in the c4d file, and re-import. Not any better. All the frames for the camera do import (without the nulls, etc), but again, it looks like I'd have to muck around with some nulls in AE to (maybe) get everything to align.


      Hoping I'm missing some obvious solution to the problem, or my expectations are out of whack.


      It will be annoying to have to CameraTrack my 3D rendered scene, when I have all that data in C4D.


      Other attempts included:


      Trying to use an .aec file and that only imported 1 keyframe for the camera, despite the baking method.


      Repeat same procedure, this time with External Compositing Tags attached to the camera and assoc layers. Even attached it to a dummy object (Cube) in front of the camera and tag'd it.


      Crazy project, super deadline, thought this would be the right workflow. Any help would be appreciated!