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    onCuePoint clarified

    WhiteRau Level 1
      i was recently trying to use the .onCuePoint event handler for a project of mine, having caught a glimpse of it in the index. seemed like the right tool for the job... upon checking the good ol' F1-Help on the subject, i immediately had my eyes ravaged with some wonderful uber-engineer-class code that was less than clear in it's use.

      bottom line: confusion.

      so after snorking some serious Jolt and hunting the web for tidbits, i didn't really find anything much useful. but after snorking more serious Jolt and experimenting like a mad scientist, i finally bashed together this surprisingly useful arrangement. now, why couldn't the docs be this clear and useful on the subject? i blame lawyers...

      i hope this helps anyone else trying to use this really sweet event handler.