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    Data verification

    Old Duck

      I work with a Homeowners Association, and we wish to create a directory, however prior to doing so, we would like to have each of our owners verify and/or edit the data we currently have as well as gathering a few more items.  We would like to send a pre populated form which would allow editing and adding data.  Will I be able to do so with Adobe Forms Central?  In short, can an Excel spreadsheet be uploaded to populate an Adobe Form for distribution and allow for editing? 

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          FormsCentral does not provide any real method of doing what you are asking.  You could utilize our new "Save Web Form" faeture to accomplish this, you woud fill out the form for an owner with the data you have and "Save" and email them the link to that partially completed form for them to complete and submit.  This would be a very manual process for you as there is no auto/pre-population of fields, but the feature would accomplish the general workflow you are looking for.  Here is a tutorial: http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-4135




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