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    How to manage multiple Muse sites on BC?

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      I have read a number of threads on this topic but they all keep referring to sites that share similar content or same main URL or something.


      I'm a cloud subscriber and Muse user and I have several of my own sites for multiple businesses that I currently host at a web hosting company.


      However, I would like to be able to take advantage of BC's e-commerce and blog functions rather than, for example, paying an additional monthly fee to another shopping cart service.


      But I don't see any way to manage multiple sites. I know I can upload up to 5 temporary ones but it appears I can only publish one. Am I making a wrong assumption? I did publish one site (and since delete) and I noticed that when I log into my BC account, it seems to be only for that one website. If I were to publish more than 1 site, would I see options for managing multiple sites?


      Thank you,



      P.S. One of my main interests is to use the blog function I am hearing about. I know there are ways to integrate a WordPress blog but it seems like I have to feel comfortable with code.