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    Analytics dashboard question

    Cozmicone Level 4

      I'm a Captivate user and I wanted to get a better understanding of the Analytics Dashboard so I've downloaded the Presenter 9 trial. I've enabled analytics as well as reporting for a SCORM 2004 environment, published a file with multiple questions, and uploaded the zip SCO into my LMS as well as into SCORM cloud.


      When I launch the module I'm presented with the user login prompt, but when I enter my information and click Sign In I get an error message "Error connecting to server, try again." If I continually try to login it will eventually move into the content.



      I've also tried launching the content without the SCORM reporting turned on and running the module from a web server, but I still get at least one error message about being unable to connect to the server.


      In all three cases, the data from the attempts isn't updated in the learning dashboard. Since I haven't found any information about how this functions I'm guessing that either the data doesn't get updated dynamically or that the error messages are causing the problem.


      Can anyone enlighten me to these issues?