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    Bugs, bugs, and more bugs

      found some cruicial bugs in flash cs3.

      1. When making "kisekae" for mobile phone menues (in Japan), i have problems with the colors property inspector. i select one color but it chooses its own color. if i select a mc, the properties inspector does not show. then i have to close the program completely and restart.

      2. selecting frame and adding a frame using F6 or right-clicking, it does not duplicate the previous frame. it makes an empty keyframe instead.

      3. when using "Device Central" and developing "kisekae menus", and when I test DoCoMo N903 and N904 series, "Device Central" remains open, but Flash cs3 crashes.

      So far nothing yet, but this has prompted me to return to Flash 8.

      Has anyone found any similar bugs in cs3?
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          Bill Perry Community Member
          Hi Imodejon,

          Thanks for taking the time to let us know the issues you're having. I've forwarded this thread to our mobile authoring team and have asked them to look into the 3 points above. If they have additional questions they'll post them here in this thread or may ask to contact you directly.