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    Relinking Images Issue


      So, yesterday my InDesign file which I had been working on for 3 weeks turned up corrupted. Of course the back up had already been overwritten with a corrupted file as well. The file was to the point that whenever I opened it, it would instantly crash InDesign. My company paid for a service that handles corrupted files like this and I've since received back a 'fixed' version of my document (it's still crashed InDesign twice, but I can at least open it for now...). My problem is, there are over 1,000 linked images that would normally automatically relink themselves once I pointed them to a folder which they were all located, or at least some of them were, but today that is not the case. I've had to relinkt hem all one at a time thus far which I really don't have time for. Am I missing a step somewhere in order to get them to auto relink? A co-worker of mine had this same issue with CC a few months ago in a similarly large document when we were having server issues. Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks.

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          jjr4650 Level 1

          Just resolved part of the problem... In the links panel, none of the links contain their file extensions for some reason, so InDesign can't locate them because the paths are entirely wrong without the entire name. Is there a way to add extensions in the link panel? Most of the links were psds, so if I could rename the links somehow that may save me some time.

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            Salah Fadlabi Level 5

            There's options on Links Panel: Relink to Folder & Relink File Extension

            link panel option.jpg

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              The relink to folder command should give you the option to specify an extension, I beleive.


              But more importantly, if this file is still causing problems you should probably abandon it altogether instead of wasting time editing a file that could have a fatal failure again at output. I'd export all the stories to tagged text and import that into a new file. The bad news is there's no easy way to move the links. Perhaps, though a bit less effective, it would be sufficient to move the pages from the current file into a new file (which would bring your links), then select the stories one at a time and replace with the previously exported tagged text, which in this case I would place on the pasteboard, then copy paste the entire frame and reflow after deleting the original text frames in hopes of removing any frame corruption. I'd also export this file to .idml and wrok from that.

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                jjr4650 Level 1

                Thanks for the tips guys, I entirely agree that I should abandon this file, I'm just in such an incredible time crunch that that isn't really an option right now. I was able to export a pdf, so that is encouraging for when it comes to press time. I'm saving versions hourly, so hopefully if anything goes fatally wrong again I'll be able to revert back. Already exported to idml as well.

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                  jjr4650 Level 1

                  The 'relink to folder' had the option I was looking for, but for some reason failed to relink the files even though I know they were in that folder with the proper extension. Guess I'm doing em one by one.

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                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                    I recall using this once or twice and having some glitches due to how I entered the extension. Try with and without the '.'

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                      jjr4650 Level 1

                      Awesome... thanks! Had to exclude the dot...