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    Business Card template Help


      I am new to InDesign. We use a 24up business card template on a 12 x 18 sheet. I figured out how to set new info in  the first card (top left). What I can't figure out is how to insert the same  information in the other 23 cards.... Pleasehelp



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          Migintosh Level 4

          Most people would delete the 23 unchanged cards and duplicate the changed one. You can do this with the Move function. Select the elements of the card with the Selection tool (black arrow) and either double-click the black arrow or go to Object>Transform>Move. When the dialog box comes up, set either the horizontal or vertical, and instead of hitting OK, hit the Copy button. If (for example) your card is three across and eight down, you need to copy the card over one more time (if you started with horizontal), so while the duplicate is still selected, go to Object>Transform Again>Transform Again. Now, you need to select the three cards and copy them down. Just do it once and then repeat the transform until you get all of the rows.


          Make sense? There are keyboard shortcuts that will speed this up, and you can see them in the menu. If you haven't used an instruction book on InDesign yet, you should consider Sandee Cohen's Visual Quickstart Guide. Just pick the edition that matches your version of ID.

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            Chad Chelius Adobe Community Professional

            That's a great solution Migintosh, but another arguably more powerful method, would be to use the step and repeat feature (Edit > Setp and repeat). This allows you to perform the process with one step and allows you to visually see your copies. Simply turn on the create as grid checkbox, then enter the number of columns and rows along with the horizontal and vertical offset and whammo! You have your solution.