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    RH9 not generating

    MarionJD Level 1

      I'm wondering if any of the experts here know what might be going on.


      My RoboHelp 9 is no longer generating any projects.  Fortunately, I can move them to the laptop and generate there, but I'm trying to figure out what's wrong and correct it.


      The message is:


      Template Active Script Error:  Failure to initialize script.

      Template Error:  Cannot resolve macro: RegisterResolvers


      Fatal Error:  Cannot run macro: RegisterResolvers in compilation script.


      This happened after I installed a new firewall and virus protection (Comodo).  That's the obvious answer, except that it works fine on the laptop, which has exactly the same installation.


      The other factor is that the desktop has Office 2013 installed on it, which is overriding the installation of Office 2010, and getting in the way of importing Word documents, etc.  I'll re-install Office 2010 so it will be the default.  However, I could generate files after the 2013 installation, so that shouldn't be the cause of the generating problem.


      Does anyone know anything that would  help?  I haven't contacted Adobe yet - I'm sure they'll just say it's the firewall and my problem to deal with.


      Thanks for any help,