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    "Place"  function doesn't link to Bridge

    cynglas Level 1

      Why doesn't the "Place" function (CMD+D, CTRL+D) open Bridge? It only links to Explorer (Windows environment). I know you can drag and drop from Bridge to InDesign but this is much less convenient, especially in a single monitor workspace. It is even less convenient when I want to replace an existing image. My instinctive work flow is to click on the target frame, press CTRL+D, browse to the new image file and click on it, so it imports automatically. Of course Explorer doesn't give previews of Adbobe files (.psd, .ai etc.) so Bridge would be much better. But having to manually launch a spearate application, or expand a separate window if it's already running, then drag between windows making sure I target the correct frame, is very clunky and much slower. I thought Bridge was supposed to integrate seamlessly with the suite. Is there an option I have missed? I can't see anything in Preferences.