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    How to Decrease .oam Loadtimes


      I have a relativly small .oam file (1.6 MB) that I am displaying on http://www.montgomerycenter.org/summer/test-site I have done conditinal commenting to put an image up for IE 8 and below so they wont be effected by the animation not loading. However on IE 9 and above, Safari, Chrome, Firefox...pretty much everything else, the load time takes 10-15 seconds, maybe even longer.


      I have decreased the image sizes to just the exact right height, I have cut down on the animations that happens, and now I am out of ideas.


      I know this has been posted to a few different times, and I have tried to do what the other posts say, but to no avail. What else can I do to decrease the amount of time that the webpage sits there with no animation/image going on?


      I am using Edge Suite plugin for Wordpress and testing on IE 6 and up, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          An option.


          - Don't use .png for slider.png, use .jpg instead.

          The current file size for that one image is 1.4 mb. A little large and you will not expect to get a quick view.


          Save the file as .jpg with a little sacrifice in quality size, bumping the 'Quality' value to say 75% in a graphics application (like Ps or equivelent).