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    newbie here: can I save (publish) movie as an avi using my mac? and 640x480?


      Hi everyone, did a little search for this, couldn't find answer. Just one confusing question!

      Quick history: i just bought the boxed set of newest PE with disks for both mac/pc. I want to use it on my new/used imac. Loaded program, did  some quik edits, saving to different formats (mpgs I think).



      Question: I can't seem to find a way to save movie (publish) as a 640x480 avi file - is it possible on the mac?  My original movie file from camera is 640x480 and it only seems like there was one option to save as that size, and that was to only upload to youtube. Isn't there a way to save that size as a movie file on my computer?


      thanx in advance. i'll keep digging when I get back to my imac! (I'm new at imac also! Have older xp pc I have used for years, do all my video stuff on that with some sharewares/cutdown softwares)