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    Print Problems / Colors are off - mixing colors / grainy/ banding


      Printer is set up with ICC profile and uses RGB mode.  Printed colors are extremely off - tons of white spots / lines / smudge marks in the ink & the colors seems to be mixing.  High res images are printing out extremely pixelated. 

      Using Ricoh sg3110DN printer; subli-jet R inks

      If anyone knows what causes any of the following issues, please help.  Any input is much appreciated. 


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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The colors being off, in the picture it looks like too much red, sounds like a misconfiguration of the printer and PS regarding color profiles.


          I don’t have your printer, or one even remotely similar, so cannot comment on what to click on or what things are called in your printer driver, but typically what you do is, only have PS, or sometimes the printer, handling the color management.  If neither is or both are doing color-management then things will be off, because either neither is correcting the colors or both are, when only one should be.


          What you should try, first, is to turn off color management in the printer driver, somehow, using the Print Settings button at the top of PS's Print panel, then configure PS-Print to Color Handling to say Photoshop Manages Colors and specify the proper ICC profile into the Printer Profile area .  This is probably the ICC you mention in your first sentence, or whatever ICC matches your printer model and specific paper and ink set you’re using.


          Another possibility is that your monitor is not profiled and calibrated properly so the printer is showing the real colors and you’ve adjusted your images wrong.   I think this is much less likely to be the issue in your photograph.


          As for the other spots, lines, marks, I have no idea.  Unless your image has noise or your camera sensor is very dirty, this are unlikely to be coming from PS, and may be some printer misconfiguration that is using the wrong amount of ink, or a printer hardware failure.


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