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    Captivate 7 Application Recording in a Region/Custom Size


      Is there any way to combine the Application Regions and Custom Size Snap to settings when recording an application in Captivate 7? For example, my organization has recording standards that require that we do not include a search bar, tabs, web address, etc. when recording within a web based application. We also have standards that dicate a 980x600 size. Is there a way to Snap to the Application Region of the content, and then have the application resize itself so that the selected region is the correct size? Right now, when I select Custom Size, the entire application resizes within the specified size.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          Unless someone else posts a better solution here (and I sure hope they do) your likely best bet is to use a combination of applications to accomplish your goal.


          There is a freeware application that could prove invaluable here. Its name is Sizer and you can get it at the link below:


          Click here to view the Sizer page


          Arrange the Browser window so that the client area is properly sized for Captivate, then use Sizer to configure the browser to the exact size you want. That way, for future recordings all you should need to do is launch Sizer, then choose the specific size and placement. Then tell Captivate to record the client area of the Browser.


          Cheers... Rick