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    Read Out Loud has no audio, and Acrobat doesn't show in Windows 7 Audio Mixer


      Good afternoon,


      I have Adobe Acrobat Pro X, and I can not get it to read out loud. I can activate Read Out Loud from the menu, and I can tell it to read this page or read to the end of the document, but no audio is heard.


      While troubleshooting I noticed a couple things:

      -Adobe Acrobat X does not appear in the Windows 7 Audio Mixer when running (whereas, for example, Adobe Reader XI does)

      -When I tell Read Out Loud to begin playing, the menu options change to allow me to pause or stop reading out loud

      -When I tell Read Out Loud to begin playing, sometimes there is a progress bar that appears in the bottom right corner of the window. It seems to be a loading bar with a red X to cancel. Once it loads, nothing happens.


      I could really use some tips on how to correct this for a department that assists students with Accessibility requirements. A re-install hasn't helped.


      Thanks a bunch,



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