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    Help with left-right page shifting objects...

    gator soup Level 4

      I'm laying out a new book from scratch.


      I noticed on other books I worked on the even pages (text/objects) shift a bit to right and the odd objects shift a bit to left.


      Is that the norm?

      Or should the text areas be centered?


      How much should I shift on 8x10 gardening book?


      Thanks for your input...


      EXAMPLE of where the inside areas are wider (the guides are on the text block):



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I don't know that there is a "norm" for this, but it certainly isn't unusual to have uneven inside and outside margins.


          The more pages in the book, the bigger the inside margin needs to be to keep your text from getting lost becasue the pags don't lie flat. I tend to use th elargest inside margin I can get away with and still leave enough outside margin to be able to grip the book and turn pages without fingers or thumbs impinging on the text block.


          Book layout is really an art, and how large the pages, margins and text bolcks should be are very dependent on one another, and on the size of the type, or perhaps the size of the type is dependent onthe other factors. The point is to make a layout taht is comfortable to read. There are some pretty good resources online for getting advice on book layout if you google.

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            gator soup Level 4

            thanks, on your suggestion i googled it and found a good approach...