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    Inconsistent picture quality on DVDs


      I have Premiere Elements 11. I've successfully edited and burned several DVDs of local theatre productions this year. My latest one, a show that, when edited, runs about 1 hour 40 minutes, I'm having trouble with. Everything looks good in the software (take it for granted that the footage is high quality) but when I burn the DVD and play it back the picture quality is awful. What looks like vertical waves going back and forth distort the picture so that it looks blurry and is almost unwatchable.


      I've eliminated the possibility that it's the DVD media. I'm leaning toward thinking it's an issue of hard disk space. When I burned a DVD of a short (3 minute) video last night, the picture quality was just fine. So I burned a DVD this morning of the whole show, and it seems a littlle better than it was but it still is frankly unacceptable.


      I have all my video files saved separately on a 3-terabyte external hard drive. What do you think, should I try burning the DVD directly from that hard drive instea dof from my laptop? Or do I still need to defrag my laptop? The laptop says it has 176GB free space. Any ideas out there? I'd appreciate your input.


      I'm on Windows Vista (not my choice but it's what I have for now).