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    Imported a .h map file, no Map IDs show


      Background: RoboHelp 10 project, linked to a FrameMaker 11 book, HTML Help output. No errors or missing resources on update of Fm book.


      After linking the project to a Fm book with TopicAlias markers selected for CSH, I imported a .h map file used by the developers and did a Force Update All. The imported map file shows up under the Map Files node in the Project Set-up pod. But when I double-click it, nothing displays in the Map IDs panel on the left side of the Edit Map IDs dialog box.


      I thought 1) specifying TopicAlias markers for CSH during link setup, and 2) importing the developers' .h file would map the IDs to the topics.


      Am I doing something wrong in the linking or .h import steps? I really don't want to have to manually edit the topic IDs in BSSCDefault.h--there are hundreds of them.