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    Mask help


      Hello, sorry if i posted it in the wrong place, but im new at flash and i need help with masks.




      This is the image, now I want to make the white part in the background ( everything except the santa and the shadow ) transparent so it doenst look ugly with the white square when I put it in a project. How do i do that?

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          that's not a mask issue. you want to convert your bitmap to a vector and then remove the background from your vectorized image.  you can then convert the vector into a movieclip for easy use/reuse in your project.


          add your bitmap to the flash stage>click bitmap>trace bitmap. experiment with the settings.


          finally, remove your white background using the flash tools.  this is a pretty quick job when you get the hang of it using the selection tool (arrow), back space key (to delete) and the magnifying lens (to scale your vector to work on the fine details).