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    Web App Import Bug



      I imported a web app with CSV format, but did not get one field displayed. Very strange, it is not items inactive. I got all other item fields+ displayed, but one field not shown in the listing view. When I clicked into detail view, it is shown. The field can be shown when I click into each individual item and hit UPDATE. I have got 1000+ items to update every day. There is no way for me to click every item and just to hit UPDATE. I double checked the tag spelling, it was correct. I also followed this tutorial, http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-1747#comment-12057, it did not help my issue. Any ideas? (My tag is: {tag_location}, might it be conflicting with any backend code?) Cheers.

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          Ryan Perez Level 1

          You need to change the date of the expiry on the web apps:


          If you go into the  excel spreadsheet you will notice that the expiry is  1/1/99; you need to change the 1999 to 9999.


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            alexchen2013 Level 1

            Hi Ryan,

            The expiry date was 9999. I got all listing data displayed (Price, Description, Listing ID etc). However, just for that field, nothing is displayed. I also checked the field under firebug, there was nothing. I got exactly the same field inside Detail Template, which could display. Cheers.

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              Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Some spreadsheet apps modify the date thinking it needs to be in a new format, its not BC that does that. You need to ensure before you save/export this is corrected before importing back in as Ryan indicated.

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                alexchen2013 Level 1

                Hi Liam,

                There is no problem with the csv. The expiry date is "1/01/9999", not "1/01/1999" or "1/01/99". Otherwise, I don't get any listings displayed.

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                  I had the same problem with items not displaying in the list. I reformatted the expiry date field in my csv, still the thing persisted as 'inactive'. 


                  For what it's worth, I've found that the release date has to be less than today.  I don't know the why of the whole chain, but when I set the release day back 1 day less than 'today', it activates and the listings display nicely.  It seems to be quite consistent.


                  Regards, Julia