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    How can I get a calculation on one field to complete after calculation from another is done?


      I have a form that is used to calculate mileage for multiple trips.

      Miles to be reimbursed field (reimb1) is calculated from miles drive minus personal commute (for example, I drove 20 miles, but 5 of it was from my home and not reimburseable). AFTER that calclation comes up that number (theoretically 15 miles) is used in a total miles field regardless of whether or not I'm calculating one or multiple trips. From there, a hidden field calculates the total miles multiplied by the currect mileage reimbursement rate of .565.


      The way I have the various fields set up does in fact return the correct miles (15), but calculates on the 20.


      How do I get the total miles to "react" on the final number that shows in the reimburse field.


      Also, on odd numbers, it's not rounding up. I've seen several of your posts here and others in a general internet search on how to "round up" but I can't get them to work (probably because I can't get the other fields to work!). In the above hypothetical, I need the final answer of $8.48 to show for the reimbursement amount, not $8.475.


      The form also doesn't seem to reset itself. For example, if I resuse it or if I go back and make a correction, it still uses the very first entry I put in some of the fields. I've never had this happen.