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    Slideshow Reverse then Stop or Pause


      Not sure how to enable an action that both Reverses the motion of the timeline .. then stops at a certain point without having a hard stop on the timeline itself but instead on the action of the button that is being clicked.. I'm not a developer.


      I've had a nice slideshow made up and know how to set the buttons to go back and forth from position but need it to keep the animation when going backwards (or reversing) instead having the hard stops, I want the transitions that I've made then a pause only when I trigger a Next or Back arrow. So I need this slideshow to play automatically at first.


      You can view it here: http://edge.thndrbolt.com/BlurrrsSlider/BlurrrsSlider.html


      Please wait till the 2nd slide ... hit the back arrow .. it Reverses but doesn't pause! I know you can put 'stops' on the timeline .. but I need it to stop based on the button's action instead after it reverses. Does this make sense?