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    Streaming MOV files


      Is there a way for me to convert regular MOV clips to Streaming MOV clips for use on a web server?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Are you talking about some version of Premiere Elements for this task? And, on what computer operating system?


          Be that as it may, I have not read much into Streaming MOV Files or other. But, it is my belief that you need a program like QuickTime Pro for this type of work.


          Let us see what the others have to say about this.



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            nukeman444 Level 1

            I should probably ask my question differently.  I have been converting my mov files to streaming mov files for use on my website server using quicktime pro.  But now I find there is no way to adjust the video quality so I am trying this adobe software.  I have not been able to find where it states in Premier Elements if a particular ouput file streams on a server. Any info about this would be helpful.

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              Akshat B Adobe Employee

              I think you should use the following settings for your clips:


              Codec: H.264

              Audio: AAC

              Bitrate: 2Mbps(VBR Target) for 720p video


              You can export your source file to either .mp4 or .MOV to stream over network.



              To do that:


              1. Go to Publish and Share(Top right corner)

              2. Select either AVCHD or Quicktime from the menu.

              3. Select any MP4/Quicktime(h264) preset and click on Advanced.

              4. Make necessary changes and save the custom preset.



              Let me know if it answers your query.