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    Does PE12 support MP4?


      Hi guys.  Long time user of PE4 here (yeah I know it's oldddddd).  It looks like it's time to upgrade to PE12 though finally as I just got a new camera phone that does 1080p video and MP4 format and it looks like PE4 doesn't support that.  It let me import the file when I chose all file types and even exported to a .wmv but I ended up with massive black bars all around and the video in the middle at much less than 1920x1080 lol.  So I just want to make sure PE12 will support a 1080p/30 MP4 file.  The Adobe page for it does say Mpeg-4 but I don't think that's the same as MP4?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Why don't you try the 30 day demo?

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            What is the video compression for that 1080p? If AVCHD (MPEG4 AVC/H.264), then that video compression was not supported by Premiere Elements until version 7. You could always consider converting the AVCHD to another format if you want to stay with version 4.


            Major changes in Premiere Elements from 4 to 12, so John T. Smith's suggestion about trying the free 30 day Premiere Elements 12 tryout is well taken.



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              flyinion Level 1

              Well, I just figured out a couple things.  One is that PE4 not seeing mp4 as a "all supported formats" seems to actually maybe be a Win7 issue.  I looked through all the individual choices in the dropdown and MP4 shows up I think as an "Apple" file type (which is odd since this came off a Nokia phone running Microsoft's Windows Phone 8, would have expected them to use a MS video format).  If I set it to "all supported formats" even the WMV I created dissapears.  That seems like a Windows issue and compatibility with PE4 which I think is actually WinXP era software.  I also think I used the wrong pixel type when I did a custom export formatting.  I chose a widescreen format.  I'm re-running the test export now with it set to "square pixel" format and again manually setting the size to 1920x1080. 


              I still think PE12 will be a good choice since I'm guessing it natively supports 1920x1080 and 1080p video.  PE4 maxes by default to 1080i and 1440x1080 or something like that.  I forgot about the trial thing so I'll check that out.  I know there's major changes between the versions, much of which I'd like such as 64bit support.  I originally bought PE4 to process World of Warcraft videos which also were not a supported format but did work.  I hadn't been doing much with game videos in the last few years so I never bothered upgrading.  Now I have a reason I guess.

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                Akshat B Adobe Employee

                Premiere Elements 12 supports 1080p/30 MP4. You can try PRE12 before purchasing for 30 days as suggested by ATR and John.



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