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    Pixel bender wont open on win 7

    phoenix198787 Level 1

      i have been tryign to install pixel bender toolkit 2.5 so i can pplay with the droste filter that was not added to creative cloud a bit disapointed its nto in the new creative suite thta i pay for but that sneither here nor there the pixelbender program shoudl run as a standalone program from what i have found. now problem i have is that when i open pixel bender it closes right away nothng happens liek error messages it is liek soemone clicked close as soona s it opened. please help me as i havebeen pulling out my hair tryign to fix i even reintalled windows and problem is still here. the program will work if i downlaod the old 1.5 version but i dodnt see why the new version wotn open. pleas ehelp

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          foostrom Level 1

          I've got the exact same problem:


          Trying to open the Pixel Bender Toolkit, it immediately closes after initiation. No message whatsoever.


          I hadn't used the plug-in for a while, I have changed my graphic card to an unsupported NVidia card. But the Pixel Bender filters do open in Photoshop CS5(12.0 64-bit), although new filter don't seem to show up (but that might be a different issue)

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            foostrom Level 1

            I've managed to get it to work in compatability mode with 256 colors. Quite useless because I'm unable to see what I'm doing, although It does allow me to edit the code.


            It unfortunately seems to me that you need an outdated graphic card to still use Pixel Bender Toolkit.