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    math / array / matrix-question

    -hans- Level 4

      Hallo everybody,


      first of all: it's not a indesignscripting-  but general math-javascriptquestion. please be patient


      I've got a first (matrixlike-)array (won't change)


      var containers = [
      'container11', 'container12', 'container13', 'container14', 'container15',
      'container21', 'container22', 'container23', 'container24', 'container25',
      'container31', 'container32', 'container33', 'container34', 'container35',
      'container41', 'container42', 'container43', 'container44', 'container45',
      'container51', 'container52', 'container53', 'container54', 'container55'

      and I've got a second array:


      ["container14", "container25", "container34", "container44", "container54"] //this array may contain 3 up to 8 items


      My aim is to check if a part of 5 to 3 items of the second array is part of or equal to a row or column of the matrix-like-array.


      For example: "container34", "container44", "container54" or "container11", "container12", "container13", "container14" (as part of second array) would be a result I#m looking for. Note: I only want to find the 'biggest charge'!


      Hope it's getting clear and one of the math-cracks will have a idea.


      Addittional: there's no MUST to work with arrays. I can also store the data to a object or mixture ... and may fill it with numbers instead of strings ...


      To get it visible:


      Items can be dragged and dropped. After every dropp the arrays have to be compared ... and I#m searching for a nice and elegant solution


      May be someone's interested



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          -hans- Level 4

          Good morning,


          splitted the sourcearray to its 'cols' and 'rows' to compare each with the resultarrays.






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            Marc Autret Level 5

            Hi Hans,


            Just a quick note although your question is solved.


            Provided that your matrix is 5×5 you could easily map any element to a single character in the set { A, B..., Z } (for example).


            Then your problem can be reduced to some pattern matching algorithm, that is, finding the longest part of the input string within a 'flat string' that just concatenates the rows and the columns of the search matrix in the form ROW1|ROW2...|COL1|COL2...|COL5


            And you can create RegExp on the fly to compute the solution(s) with almost no effort:



            const MX_ORDER = 5;
            const MIN_MATCH = 3; // We need at least 3 contiguous items
            var bestMatrixMatch = function F(/*str[]*/ROWS, /*str*/ND)
            // NB: No check is made on ROWS, so make sure you supply
            //     MX_ORDER strings, each being MX_ORDER-sized
                // Put in cache some subroutines
                // ---
                F.RES_TO_STR ||(F.RES_TO_STR = function()
                        return localize("'%1' found in %2", this.result, this.location);
                F.ROWS_TO_HS ||(F.ROWS_TO_HS = function(R, C,i,j)
                        for( i=0,C=[] ; i < MX_ORDER ; ++i )
                        for( C[i]='',j=0 ; j < MX_ORDER ; C[i]+=R[j++][i] );
                        return R.concat(C).join('|');
                // Vars
                // ---
                var haystack = F.ROWS_TO_HS(ROWS),
                    candidates = ND &&
                        haystack.match( new RegExp('['+ND+']{'+MIN_MATCH+',}','g') ),
                    t, p;
                if( !candidates ) return null;
                // Sort the candidates by increasing size
                // ---
                candidates.sort( function(x,y){return x.length-y.length} );
                // Grab the matches and keep the best
                // ---
                while( t=candidates.pop() )
                    if( 0 > ND.indexOf(t) ) continue;
                    p = 1+~~(haystack.indexOf(t)/(1+MX_ORDER));
                    return {
                        result:   t,
                        location: (p<=MX_ORDER)?('Row #'+p):('Col #'+(p-MX_ORDER)),
                        toString: F.RES_TO_STR,
                return null;
            // =================
            // Sample code
            // =================
            var rows = [
            var needle = "EKLMINSX";
            // get the result
            // ---
            var result = bestMatrixMatch(rows, needle);
                "Searching the longest part of '" + needle + "' in:\r\r" +
                ' '+rows.join('\r').split('').join(' ') +
                '\r\r===============\r\r' +
                (result || "No result.")




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              -hans- Level 4



              sorry for the late reply. works like a charm

              Perhaps, some day I'll even understand how ... ;-)