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    Ever increaing RAM usage of flashPlayer not shown in memory profiler of FlashBuilder

    dhann Level 1

      I have a flash application created with Flex in FlashBuilder which uses the Stage3D-API (Away3D-Library is used).

      In this flash application 3D-objects are created and added to scene and they are also removed/disposed again, and then they are created/added again.

      Performing these scene altering operations the RAM usage of the flashPlayer process (monitored in Windows7-Taskmanager) steadily increases by big amounts (lets say 20MB).

      On the other hand the Memory-profiler does not show any such increases at all. Regarding to memory profiler the application still uses bascially the same amount of memory (the line stays flat).

      There are some objects marked as loitering, but  they donet seem to build-up. And their total amount is (if at all) 0,3MB.


      After a while of 3d-scene altering operations (adding, removeing objects) the application/flash-player crashes, most possibly to not being able to allocate more RAM (Taskmanager shows RAM almost completely used up by flashPlayer-process). The application does not exit due to 3d-resource related limits like vertex-buffers, but here are now my questions:



      a) Are there areas of RAM-usages a (stage-3d) application uses up, which can not be profiled by FlashBuilder?

      For exmaple: Is it possible that some objects (maybe stage-3d related) that hold onto some areas of memory/RAM which do not show up in memory profiler?


      c) Is the versioning of used components (flashPlayer, FlashBuilder or used Flex-SDK) in an way relevant when memory profiling an application? It it possible that i dont properly see the used memory by my application because i might have old version of involved components?


      d) Do you have any other idea what might be the cause here for increased RAM-usage or why it does not show up in memory profiler? I mean at least i expected to see it in memory profiler.


      e) Generally i understand that the flashPlayer allocates RAM as it sees fit, and that its not the same amount of memory my application currently uses. But if my application seems not to use/demand any more memory (at least thats what the profiler tells me) i dont understand why flashPlayer allocates more and more memory - even to the point of crashing. Any ideas here?