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    Changing Form Language

    petchs02 Level 1

      I have a form that needs to be in several different languages. I duplicated the form, and change the labguage to Spanish, but nothing changed on the form. Am I missing something?

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          petchs02 Level 1

          or does it just change the buttons and not the content of the form?

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            Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



            Changing the setting in the Language and Formatting section of the Options tab changes the locale of the form, the spell checker language, date formatting, currency formatting etc.  It does not change the text in your form to another language.  You will have to change the labels/options of the fields to the right text for the language, but all of the formatting and spell checking will now be in that language/locale.


            The Templates are available in all languages from the Create a New form tab, ono the bottom left corner you can choose the language for the Templates if you want to start with the form entirely in a chosen language.