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    Individually animating vertices on 3D extruded shape?


      Hi all - I'm pretty new to AE and am still learning a lot about the program every time I use it (I've been a Motion-user for years and decided to get into AE a few months ago). So I appreciate you bearing with me!


      I'm attempting to animate a logo that I brought into AE from Illustrator (one shape in particular). It needs to be 3D, so I did the "Create Shapes from Vector Layer", made it a 3D layer, and used the Extrusion feature under Geometry Options.


      I'd like to animate this shape to grow from nothing into its full form, and it seems like the way to achieve the best results would be by animating the X and Y positions of each individual vertex so the shape could move and grow organically (ie, some vertices moving faster or slower than others, reaching their destination at different times, etc).


      Is this possible? I've researched it here and on other boards, and can't come up with anything that I recognize as a solution. I've come across several scripts that will allow individual animation of mask vertices, but since I'm not animating a mask, I don't think those would work for me...right? Is the fact that I'm doing this with a 3D extruded shape making it more difficult/impossible?


      I'm using AE CS6 on OS X 10.8.5.


      Thanks in advance for any tips!