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    Multi GPU use with Nvidia and Radeon Card combined possible?


      I know it's unlikely but does CC support the combined use of Nvidia and AMD graphics cards, mercury engine, cuda / opencl / multi GPU feature wise?

      There's a lack of performance currently; especially when color grading. So we're gonna have to upgrade our macpro.


      Current Setup:

      Mac OS X Lion

      3,33GHz 6-Core INTEL Xeon

      24GB 1333MHz DDR 3 RAM

      ATI Radeon HD 5870
      Nvidia Quadro 4000

      SSD Raid internal

      SATA HDDs external


      What's a good / better setup especially for color grading in Premiere (might switch over to SpeedGrade CC soon)?

      We're gonna replace the Radeon HD 5870. Should we buy replace it with a NVIDIA Quadro K 5000 or a Radeon 7950 Mac Edition?


      Thanks in advance!