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    problem with adobe reader for android.


      I have set up 25 android tablets for my employees to use adobe reader. They are downloading a blank .pdf forms created with acrobat from a cloud drive (google drive) and then filling out the forms on the tablet. On 24 of the tablets, when the original form is opened from the cloud, adobe reader gives a warning that the file is "read-only" and gives the option to save a copy locally in order to be able to edit the form, or to continue and view the form as read-only. On one tablet, adobe reader skips this warning and ALWAYS opens the form as read-only. I have un-installed and re-installed adobe reader and the cloud drive multiple times. I have done factory resets and completely re-configuresd the tablet multiple times. I have even tried multiple cloud accounts to ensure that it isnt a cloud setting. The problem is isolated to this tablet, regardless of all of these "fixes" I cannot find any setting to eneble/disable this option. Any ideas as to why everything works on every other tablet, but not this one?