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    Audio Issues


      In elements 11 & 12 I have run into situations where the audio just quits.  Normally, shutting it down and reopening the program starts the audio working.  elements 12 has now stopped completely.  Ideas?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Could you supply more details?


          What computer operating system are you running your Premiere Elements 11 and 12?


          Does this audio problem exist


          a. immediately after you open a new project and add one video/audio file to the Timeline


          b. only for existing projects which you have worked on/saved/closed/reopened?


          When you refer to "audio", are you referring to Audio tracks, Narration track, or Soundtrack or all types?


          Depending on your reply, the following would become relevant...


          a. What are the properties of your source media and what project preset are you or the program setting?


          b. Other to come


          Please review and then we can decide what next.


          Thank you.




          b. The usual drill, do you have the latest vers

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            MrSpiffo Level 1



            I am using windows 7, 64 bit. with elements 12 (although I have had similar problems in 11) The audio problem does not show until I have added a lot of MTS from my panasonic and put mp3 files on the soundtrack. I have not noticed anything directly related to either of the files previously.    It plays well for a while and every so often just stops playing audio.  It stops audio on the audio track and sound track.. I have not tried the narration track.


            The video is AVCHD , which shows up as an MTS in the project file.  I am also using JPG photos and MP3 audio in the soundtrack.  I believe that I have the latest version of all.



            When I come into elements 12 is does not go directly into the project I was working and was asking for a mp3 file.  I have now eliminated that file and the audio is working.  I closed out and opened again and it is now looking for the aquamarin mp3 file .  I moved the external hard drive that the file was on and it went away.  Put the file on my internal drive and the problem has not recurred.  Hope this fixes it.  


            The project presets were the standard which I believe is set up by the video you bring in.  Mine is 1080i hd.  ( I am still learning this program)





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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              That was a great job of troubleshooting. Congratulations.


              If you continue with the external hard drive, please check if the external hard drive is formatted NTFS or FAT32. At the same time, observe if the drive letter of the external hard drive is changing on you. Are you using a lot of plug and play devices and/or plugging this external hard drive in and out frequently?


              Continued success.



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                MrSpiffo Level 1



                I put everything on my hard drive.  It works well at this time.  When I deleted some of the audio, there were tiny remnants of audiio and video throughout the time line.  I am going to be very. very careful in the future.


                Thanks for your help.



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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the update.


                  Those leftovers can happen very easily in just moving media in the Timeline. Often holding down the Alt Key of the computer main keyboard can prevent disturbances in the tracks when media are added or move around on tracks.


                  Typically they present as very thin vertical black lines scattered about the Timeline content. With the Timeline expanded with the -+ slider associated with the Timeline, they can be spotted and deleted.


                  You did well in your troubleshooting. Good work.