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    2 weird errors trying to install/run Acrobat 8 on my PC. I'm lost!

    Shari516 Level 1

      Hi all! My husband purchased Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional (for Windows) many years ago and has one more install allowed on a computer of his choice. He & I wanted to install it on my Windows 7 laptop. I went thru the whole installation process, including giving the serial number or registration number (whatever it's called) but I got stuck in 2 different places.


      First, during the installation process, I got a window that said: "The file AdobePDF.dll on Windows Vista CD-ROM is needed. Type the path where the file is located, then click OK." I don't understand WHAT on earth that is about, because I'm not running Windows Vista; I'm running Windows 7. I bought this computer used from someone, so maybe she had Vista on it at one point, I don't know. However, I've had it 2-3 years and it has only ever had Windows 7. I had no idea what to do with the request for the Vista CD so I just ignored it and tried to proceed with the installation, hoping the request was for non-crucial files.


      Everything seemed OK initially, the installation wizard finished and Acrobat opened. However, when I clicked on ANY option to do ANYTHING in Acrobat, the program stalled for 30 to 60 seconds. Eventually, I got an error window that said: "A serious error has been detected and Adobe 8 Professional cannot continue. Please reinstall the application and try again." So I tried doing that. But it did not help.


      Am I totally dead in the water?? I have absolutely no access to a Windows Vista CD, so if that's what Acrobat 8 requires in order to install itself on my Windows 7 laptop, then I am SOL. Also, is the "serious error" related to the lack of the Vista CD? I really hope there is a work-around for this problem. Thanks for any help you can provide! And happy holidays!


      Shari K.W. in California (shari516 at yahoo dot com)