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    Premiere Pro CC Update (7.2.1)

    petergaraway Adobe Employee

      http://blogs.adobe.com/premierepro/2013/12/premiere-pro-cc-update-7-2- 1.html


      Premiere Pro CC Update (7.2.1)


      Today we have released an update to the December 2013 Premiere Pro CC release, with several important bug fixes. This update is recommended for all users. You can install the update through the Creative Cloud desktop application, or you can check for new updates from within any Adobe application by choosing Help > Updates. Ideally, you should install the updates automatically through the Creative Cloud desktop application or by choosing Help > Updates, but you can also directly download the update packages from the download page for Windows or Mac OS. Note that if updates aren’t visible in the Creative Cloud app, quitting and relaunching may help.


      A list of issues fixed with this release appears below.


      - Intermittent Buzzing could occur on audio playback where audio transitions were present

      - Reveal in project sometimes did not work in imported sequence when clips were present in the project

      - Premiere Pro could occasionally crash on playback of certain multi cam assets

      - Using matte cleanup tools in Ultra keyer could sometimes cause the top half of the image to disappear when paused in Open CL mode

      - Autosave could sometimes interrupt playback.

      - The AMD Radeon R9 290 Series has been added to the OpenCL supported card list

      - Inserting a merged clip with in/out points via menu or command would insert the entire merged clip, not the in/out range

      - Playing with preroll could sometime crash Premiere Pro

      - When editing in Anywhere mode, adding synthetics would sometimes show a 10 digit number under the progress panel’s Name column


      Peter Garaway


      Premiere Pro