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    Integration a Vimeo Pro array using JavaScript in Animate

    ladobeugm Level 1

      I'm trying to do something a bit complicated regarding inserting a JavaScript that pulls an array of videos from a clients Vimeo Pro account (not the regular, standard Vimeo) using the video.js player. Yea, this is how it has to work. So EdgeHero isn't going to work here.


      The main reason the client is using Vimeo Pro instead of the standard Vimeo player and account is the ability to use a complete file from Vimeo into an Edge project using the video tag. While that only means MP4 files (all Vimeo will give you....no OGV's or WebM's), the example here will work in Firefox. Whereas just embedding using the standard method of video embedding using the standard Edge tools or EdgeHero won't probably work here, since Firefox will just display black.


      So since that example I posted has JS directly embedded into the HTML, I copied that and placed it in its' own .js file. Then used yepnope to add all this into my Edge Animate project.


      Unfortunately, all I get is a large gray square.


      Anyone have an idea how this might work? It'd be pretty cool even if I can get one video to embed and work inside of Firefox as well as Safari, Chrome, IE, etc.


      Here's the Dropbox file .zip: