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    Reducing JPEG image size - jaggies in InDesign CC and Photoshop CC

    trixiesirisheyes Level 1

      I have a high-res jpeg, 600ppi, 11 inches by 6.603 inches. The image is 4.21 MB, so there's plenty of data.


      I need to make it smaller to go into an InDesign document for print. I've been noticing this issue for awhile with CC. Recently I downsized a JPEG of line art in Photoshop for a poster, and it looked just awful.


      When I reduce the size to 300ppi, and 4" wide, bicubic sharper, I'm noticing that diagonals especially look really jaggy. The smaller I go, the worse the jaggies are. This is counterintuitive, because I'm reducing the size of the image.


      I have the Display Performance set to high-quality, with Allow Object-Level Display settings checked.


      When I place the CMYK reduced-size JPEG onto the page, the diagonals look jaggy. I thought it was a monitor issue, and that is contributing to it, but when I print out the page on my printer, the diagonals are still kind of jaggy. I tried placing a TIFF, and oh, my, that was twice as bad. I tried placing a PDF. Ugh.


      I've tried reducing the image to the exact size in Photoshop so I don't have to scale it in ID, then placing the image, and still jaggies.


      I've tried taking that image and dragging it from Bridge into the ID File. Still jaggies.


      I did print the image out directly from Photoshop at the smaller size, and it looks perfect.


      What could be happening? Is there a way to fix it? I'm working on a bunch of print work with some really nice photos in them (for a couple of real estate clients), and I'm afraid when the collateral gets printed, it's going to look like crap.