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    How on earth can I just make a form that people can sign??


      What I am trying to do is create a contract that people can fill out by simply clicking on text boxes and then typing in their pertaining text then at the bottom there will be a signature box which they should be able to click and then have the option to draw their signature.  No digital id crap, no certificates.  just a simple drawn signature.


      So I started with a word document.  Coverted it to PDF.  I have acrobat 11, I used the form wizard and let adobe find specific fields.  Edited the fields to my likeing to include on signature box and then saved the document.  Took FOREVER to find out I had to go through a special process of saving to allow others to sign.  So I go to File- save as other...-  reader extended pdf...- enable more tools    <-- that allows me to allow them to sign it. 


      Now when I open my document with reader it has the draw your signature greyed out!!! WTH!! I need help to give that option cause this is going to old people and they can't understand the digital signature long process.


      Windows 7-64