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    How do I fix problem with linked and cropped image frames not printing properly when spanning pages?


      We are using InDesign (ID) to develop and print church bulletins which contain a combination of text frames and graphics. One of the graphic types we use are TIF files which are high-resolution scans of hymns.

      A hymn usually has a combination of the musical score, plus the lyrics - with many verses., so the modular structure is 'staff' composed of a treble clef, followed by verses, followed by a base clef.


      s 130 again.jpg


      If the example above had 6 verses instead of one, we would crop the image by adjusting the frame, so that the treble clef and the desired verses showed through the frame.

      We would then copy and link the frame - piggy back - adjusting the next content window etc....so we build a custom version of the music as a series of linked frames - each with the same base image, but a different frame position.


      So this works fine, when we do this on a single page, but when we then add a 'last staff' at the top of the following page, we encounter print problems with some output devices.


      Imagine a two-page spread, with a full page of music on the left, and the last staff (treble clef, verses, base clef) unit as a separately linked frame at the top of the right page of the spread.

      It displays correctly, and will print individually as pages correctly, but when we print it as a booklet, the last frame drops out and we have blank space.

      I can print the document to PDF and it works fine, but if I print it to a copier or laser printer I get drop out.

      It is inconsistent.


      Previews are always okay. Individual page prints are okay, but when you print the entire document, the last frame in this kind of linked series gets blanked.


      If we create and name the image differently, and call it in as a new image - (not linked to the previous), but it is still a large image that is cropped to a small piece, then it doesn't print.

      If we save the last frame as a different image type (take the TIFF file into photoshop, crop it and save it as a jpg - so it is only the 'snippet') and then import it, it works fine.


      So my question to you InDesigners....is there some setting or tip or trick I need to know to be able to link a series of frames with the same base image, but different crops and make it span across two pages properly.

      Or do we need to play this game of crop and trim the image so that it doesn't drop out?


      Any thoughts, advice, direction would be gratefully received!

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          I did a lot of such hymn things in the past, but I was alway working on the scans in Photoshop, like adjusting, retouching spots and cropping. And I was always seperating those images to be more flexible so I never run into such a problem.

          I am always scanning in a higher quality level than I would need, I scan it in color, this allows me to eliminate paper color easily, even if I need 1-bit images at the end, I do it in color, so I can also turn the image.


          I did once run into a similar problem with a scan I have got from a copier-scanner machine (it was not a song). But saving as PSD resolved my problem.


          So I would suggest: Open your files in Photoshop, resave them as PSD files and use those instead. If you use 1-bit images (which is fine for this type of images) you should use a resolution equal to the printer's resolution.