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    What is the maximum size of file, i can edit? Premiere Elements 12

    Ondra Dvorak

      Hi everyone


      Im having troubles to add GoPro Avi file into Premiere Elements 12 timeline to edit it.

      Im looking for a good editing software to edit my GoPro videos.


      On GoPro.com they recomend to use Gopro studio editing software to convert Mp4 raw file onto GoPro cinemaform file (AVI) for editing.


      The problem is, after converting raw Mp4 files onto AVI format, the whole file gets way bigger. For instance 10min of GoPro video in raw Mp4 file takes 2.43 GB, but after converting it into AVi format it takes 9.15GB


      When i drag raw GoPro mp4 file into Elements timeline, it works good,but the quality is poor. When i drag there exactly the same file, now converted onto AVI format it will play just 10sec. instead of full10min video lenght.


      It looks like there is a limit of a file size to be edit. Any ideas?


      Thank You Andy.