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    AE will not Add to Render Queue.


      I have been working on an animation project in AE and every time I click the Add to Render Queue option it does nothing. I have tried to export it as well, to see if it would render or export and it doesn't do anything. The only thing I can do is Save Frame As. I have been working on an animation previously and was able to Add to Render Queue to render out my animation, it has only been since I added some Automated UI Scripts for pre-animated kinetic typography and for line creation that it has not allowed me to render out anything. I have checked that the scripts are in the correct Script UI folder and they are and I have tried a few other things and nothing is working, so if anyone knows what may be the issue just let me know...the only thing I can think it may be is my RAM is full or there's an issue with my render settings.