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    photo gallery help

      I am new at Flash and can't figure out how to get some buttons to work. I am trying to create a photo gallery that will display an image along with a row of thumbnails in a row below the image. I would like to have buttons on each end of the thumbnails to scroll back and forth when they are too long to fit under the large image. I can't seem to get the buttons working.

      I converted all the jpgs to movie clips, created an empty movie clip and used attach movie in a for loop to create the row of thumbnails. I created a mask to crop the row to the same width as the larger image. I then created button symbols for the arrows on the sides of the thumbnails. Clicking on the thumbnail icons load the large images correctly, but clicking on the arrows does nothing.

      I only have 1 keyframe in my timeline. It seems like the movie finishes when I use test movie and I can't figure out how to keep it active to accept input from the mouse.

      Any help would be appreciated.