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    DISK CACHE taking over computers


      We have a facility of probably 50 macs running CC.

      We have about 10 of them consitently using AE.  It seems that AE is eating up all the disk space.


      Whenever a different person gets on the computer they log in with there own account.  So we can have up to 20 different people using the same computer.  AE seems to store all the disk cache by default in the users folders.  That means every user is getting 90gbs of disk cache.  Therefore 1 TB gets eaten up very fast.  And no one can go in and empty the disk cache for someone else cause they don't ahve their passwords.


      Is there a way to tell AE where to store its disk cache by default.  That way when a new person starts to work there and log in for the first time they don't have to go and tell where to put the disk cache?  Also is there a way to change the default size of disk cache?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You would have to edit the relevant part of the prefs, which could easily be done with a 5 line script using the app.settings.saveSetting() method and adressing the relevant cache stuff. By handing the script over as a command line parameter, you could reset this setting every time on program launch even if the user has changed it. And naturally with a few extras you could make this even smarter...



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I would set disk cache to a fast network drive for all users. If none is available set it to a fast internal drive that has full access to everybody. If only system the system drive is available set the cache to a shared folder. Then fix every box in the shop with a script.