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    Content on pages disappearing in CS6


      Hi guys,


      I had a bit of a strange issue the other month and I can't really see what happened.  Maybe you can help troubleshoot?


      I was working on a document and as I was finishing the document off; I had a problem with several pages at the start of the document.  The pages had both text and images on and had a master page applied, however, the entire lot disappeared on the pages – yet, a preview of the graphics were still showing on the Pages tab as though they were still there.  I dragged the curser over the contents of the page to ensure it hadn't moved back, but there was nothing there despite the graphics still being on the Pages preview tab.  Also, when I try to delete these pages to see whether there is actually anything still on these affected pages - it still comes up with the warning message saying there is objects on the pages despite not being able to select any objects on the pages.


      This has happened again today to one of my colleagues in a different document and really not sure why this is happening.


      Can anyone help?