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    Can I run adobe flash on ALL window 8 devices?


      Hi all,


      Does anyone know if I can run flash on ALL windows 8 devices including the new nokia lumia W8 phablet devices and also ALL other W8 tablets made by different manufacturers?


      ie the devices listed here:




      and here:



      Any ideas?





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          Mike M Level 6

          Even if you can get it to install, you really shouldn't use Flash Player on a tablet or phone. Apple knew eight years ago, that Flash was bad for mobile devices. Playing Flash videos drains batteries because it uses so much processor. That drain also shortens battery life in the mobile device(s).

          There are alternatives. I see a lot about "Flash Lite" (NOT an Adobe product), and several Windows phone forums recommend it. Adobe is just about done with any and all support for mobile platforms, though.